A Level Philosophy and Ethics

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Course Requirements: 

At least five GCSE grades 9 to 6, including at least a grade 6 in English, mathematics and science.

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Why study this course?

Philosophy and Ethics A level requires a range of skill sets that can be developed and honed throughout the two year course. These would include the ability to persevere with challenging and sometimes abstract concepts, an analytical eye and the ability to evaluate and weigh up arguments as well as develop your own. You will need to be able to develop your skills in argumentation providing a rational basis for your point of view. This naturally links Philosophy and Ethics to other essay based subjects such as English and History but over the years pupils who have also undertaken Maths and Sciences have been able to bring in their knowledge and skills developed in these disciplines and deploy them effectively. At its heart, A level Philosophy and Ethics is about learning to think in different conceptual frameworks and evaluate their utility. In part, it is also learning to think critically about the categories that we, often unwittingly, adopt and examine the intellectual history behind those ideas and categories.

What will I study?

The A level has a tripartite structure consisting of, Philosophy, Ethics and Developments in Christian Thought (DCT).

How is this course assessed?

100% written examination.

What can I study with this course?

Where does this qualification lead?

Philosophy enables one to be better equipped to study other subjects by enhancing evaluative and analytical skills, and by developing your capacity to go to the heart of any issue and bring the important questions into the light. It is possible to study Philosophy as a single subject at university, or study it in a wide range of combinations with other subjects such as Politics, Economics, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. Philosophy will provide you with a range of skills that are valued by employers and you will find Philosophy graduates in a hugely varied range of jobs. Studying Philosophy is especially useful preparation for careers in education, law, journalism, politics, marketing, advertising, business and finance.

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