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Course programme:
A Level Courses
Area of study:
Business and Law
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Course Requirements: 

At least five GCSE Grades 9 to 6, including at least a Grade 7 in English.

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Why study this course?

Studying Law gives students an understanding of the role of Law in today’s society and raises their awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals. Through this qualification students will consider legal rules and how and why they apply to real life. Students will develop their analytical ability, decision making, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

What will I study?

During this qualification students will explore the following areas of Law: The nature of law and the English legal system, Private law, Public law and Legal skills Within these topic areas students will explore content in relation to law and society, morality, law and justice, law reform, theory in criminal law, fatal offenses against the person, defence, contract law and human rights.

How is this course assessed?

Final assessments take the form of 3 papers, all 2 hours exams. Each paper is out of 100 marks and all papers carry an equal weighting towards the final grade.

What can I study with this course?

Law sits well with a range of subjects from Philosophy and Ethics, History, English and Business. Law however is not exclusive to these subjects and will combine well will multiple subjects.

Where does this qualification lead?

It will provide you with excellent preparation for the world of Law, the subject creates the opportunity to see and experience a range of topics to help formulate areas of specialism. Next steps from this qualification would be to University.

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