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Course programme:
A Level Courses
Area of study:
English and Modern Foreign Languages
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Course Requirements: 

At least five GCSE grades 9 to 6, including at least a grade 7 in Spanish.

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Why study this course?

Languages are used in so many situations whether at work, on holiday or in daily life – we live in a multilingual global society. Choosing an A level language will open the door to a range of career possibilities. However, before the professional opportunities arrive, there are many academic benefits of learning a language at A Level. Not only do languages enrich your global cultural knowledge, but they can also improve your comprehension and critical thinking skills.

What will I study?

You will study the language through four main themes. You will consider aspects of Hispanic society such as modern and traditional values, cyberspace and equal rights. You will study multiculturalism in Hispanic society, focussing on immigration, racism and integration. You will also learn about artistic culture, such as modern day idols, Spanish regional identity and cultural heritage, and aspects of political life in the Hispanic world, including monarchies, dictatorships and popular movements. You will also study literary texts and may choose to study a film. You will also complete an individual research project where you will identify and research a subject or key question that you will present and discuss in the speaking assessment.

How is this course assessed?

One 2 hour and 30 min exam on listening, reading and writing, worth 50%; one 2 hour written exam about the set works and a speaking exam, worth 20%; approximately 22 minutes, covering one of the themes studied and your research project, worth 30%.

What can I study with this course?

Where does this qualification lead?

Studying languages teaches you the skills that employers look for: an analytical mind; good thought process; strong memory capacity; fantastic cultural and intercultural awareness; good communication; and teamwork. At university, you can take a language as your main degree subject or combine it with another language or subject such as history, maths or music.

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