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A Level Courses
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Course Requirements: 

At least five GCSE grades 9 to 6, including at least a grade 6 in either history or English.

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Why study this course?

History is a fascinating and respected subject. You will gain an in-depth understanding of aspects of modern history in different countries. You will have the opportunity to express your understanding, not just through essays, but by analysing and evaluating evidence, developing and strengthening their judgements and through participating in discussion and debate.

What will I study?

You will study Germany 1918–1989 and Italy 1911–1946 which will allow you to consider how countries have been ruled both as a democracy and also under a dictatorship. You will explore the nature of British warfare from 1790-1918, which covers not only a broad study of military history, but also technological and social developments. In the coursework unit you will study the Vietnam War.

How is this course assessed?

Two 2 hour and 15 minute exams, worth 30% each, and one 1 hour and 30 minute paper, worth 20%. Coursework is worth 20%.

What can I study with this course?

History combines well with a multitude of subjects. Many students pair it with other subjects which require essay writing skills such as English language or literature, sociology, psychology and philosophy and ethics. However, the logic required to form a reasoned argument, mean that some students like to combine it with mathematics and computer science.

Where does this qualification lead?

The skills of analysis, evaluation of evidence, developed extended writing and research means students are well-equipped for a variety of careers and areas of further study, not just history based degrees and careers. Many students who choose to read law at university have taken history at A level.

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